About Damasus Boulangerie

Our history is our strength and a motivation, which guides us to keep our promises
and goals at Damasus Boulangerie for an excellent customer service..

In 1999, I attended the best culinary school in Togo Lome, La Pirogue. After training, I worked in many Restaurants practicing multiple culinary disciplines: Chinese, French, African, Italian and Lebanese. In 2005, I was the owner and executive chef at Damas Cuisine Restaurant located in Togo Lome Baguida. During 2016, while working at SUNRISE as a chef, I took pastry class in Academy de Cuisine in Maryland.

Damasus Boulangerie thanks all customers and supporters for their business! We are pleased to serve you international delicacies made with love, joy, and outstanding worldwide flavors for all palettes!

At Damasus Boulangerie, we seek to support wholesome, affordable lifestyles with international delicacies that are made with love , joy , and healthy intention. We thank all of our customers for their business and stay determined to ensure that they come back after their first experience with our products

Damasus Boulangerie is an opportunity to bring your taste buds a delicious experience with pastries! We specialize in making and creating french pastries with infusion of flavors from across the globe to meet the needs of our customers. At Damasus Boulangerie your experience is our biggest concern!