Vegetable, Tilapia and Beef Puffs


Vegetable Puff:
Chopped Collard Greens, Sweet Corn, diced Sweet Potatoes saute and spice

Tilapia Puff:
Tilapia with diced Mushrooms, Onion, Red Bell Pepper saute in garlic and spices

Beef Puff:
Beef with chopped Spinach, Onion saute, roasted Bacon and Valley pastures cheese/ Horizon cheddar cheese, and spices

  • 5 - 10
  • 10 - 15
  • 15 - 20


This assorted golden, buttery, flaky,  puff pastries surrounding saute Mushrooms, Onion, Red Bell Pepper, garlic, with some sweet potatoes, roasted bacon seasoned Vegetable, Tilapia and Beef topped with cheese that will earn rave reviews from your guests.